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CRM Evaluations

Denver DataMan also performs CRM evaluations by helping you select a CRM for small business. You need to make sure that the CRM will collect the information you need, allow you to track the relationships that are meaningful to your business, create workflows that will save you time and money, and be ready to grow with you when that times comes.

Denver DataMan works with our clients to evaluate their needs and find the best CRM for the specific company. If you are a one person shop or 20 people trying to manage client management between each other your needs are different and Denver DataMan will help you find the right tool.

Our process looks at the software and Internet tools that you are already using to make sure that you get a system that will work with all your businesses tools. From cell phones to social networking, email marketing to multi-lingual support and everything in between we will make sure that all of your needs are met by your software or that you at least understand the tradeoffs of a specific software technology.

Our process is about identifying the right tool for you and not putting you in a specific tool that we use.

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