Frequently Asked Questions

The following are Frequently Asked Questions about how Denver DataMan does business and the Denver DataMan website.

We do not separate enterprise from SmallBiz because of pricing; we make a separation because the services needed are tailored to the size and scope of the expected project. If you read through all of the content on the site you will find there are overlaps in concepts but that the approach is focused on different sectors of the market.

Choosing a web developer should be about a relationship of trust and understanding. You need to trust that your developer is going to build you a website that meets your needs on time and on budget and be explained why.

A web developer should start by helping you come up with a plan that has clear goals. Without clear goals, you do not know if your website is doing what you want it to. This plan needs to integrate the website into your marketing plan.

Your web designer needs to make the site editable for you or your staff or provide you with an up-to-date schedule that you are satisfied with. Remember, updating your website is a critical factor in making the site work. In any case, your web designer should make sure you understand how to use your site.

Denver DataMan is always looking for new partners in IT services, development, marketing, social networking and other areas. Please contact us.  

 It is our core philosophy that people with the right training will be the most efficient users of technology. Denver DataMan uses training to not only show people how to use software but to provide training on the topics needed to understand the systems we recommend and build.

 Denver DataMan offers a 50% nonprofit rate for all in-house work. We also reduce our rates for any services that we bring in outside support for. Please contact Denver DataMan for rates and to schedule a free one hour consultation.

Denver DataMan provides a free one our consultation for us to understand your needs and see if our companies are a good fit for each other. to schedule your free consultation.

Denver DataMan does not have set lab classes. We provide customized training to meet the needs of individual companies and organizations and do so by going on site.

Check out our events for group courses.

An iterative process means that we know from the start of your project that we will try one approach, evaluate it and then consider the next best move. We already have a plan so we generally know where we are going. Goals and plans might change throughout the development of a project and it is important to partner with a firm that will not only be with you every step of the way but also explain the reasoning behind the decisions. By being open to change it will help you end up with a better finished product.