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Riding the Waves of the Everchanging Web

Drupal 7.32 critical update: Denver DataMan Response

If you are using Drupal 7, it is vital that you are aware of the latest security update released. Any website running Drupal 7, prior to the .32 release is at serious risk. You might think, my site is small it will not be hacked, unfortunately, however the attack is being completed by an automated tool so all Drupal sites are at risk. The only option is to patch/upgrade your site to the .32 version or higher (when released) of Drupal.

Critical CiviCRM Security Issue

If you are running any version of CiviCRM other than 4.2.12, 4.3.7, 4.4.beta4 than your at a serious security risk. The CiviCRM team classifies the issue as Highly Critical

Denver DataMan is available to help with any upgrade or patching needs. Contact Us for more information.

For more information see CIVI-SA-2013-009 - SQL Injection Vulnerability.

Protect Your Facebook in Less Than 5 Minutes

When we go to websites that use our personal information we expect that they alock, facebook, security, secure, denver, dataman, social media, secure. We also want security on our email so that people cannot send email on our behalf. Facebook has not been secure in the past and using it at Coffee Shops and on the road poses a significant risk.

Who Will Guard the Guards?

When we think about the Internet, and especially the social Internet, we have to think about privacy and security. We place tons of information out on the Internet and trust that the security settings we select will protect us. Recently I wrote about using social network sites to sign on to other sites  and many people questioned the security of this and asked me to write about privacy and security.

Drupal Being Used by the White House Website

Denver DataMan uses a system called Drupal for our web development services. We are excited that the new White House website is using Drupal.

Department of Homeland Security Works to the Secure the Internet in the US

As those of you who read my blog regularly know security is something that I find very important. Right now viruses are up, spyware is up, hacking is up and there are many other problems because of malicious computer use. On July 20th the routers for the nation of Georgia. The Department of Home Land Security has announced that they are going to spend 2.9 million dollars per-year on securing the Internet infrastructure rather than $600K that they have been spending during the past years.

Why does software need updates?

Ever feel like your software is out of date or whenever you have a problem with your computer someone is telling you that your software needs to be updated? There are several issues that cause software to need to be updated, the first is errors and oversights by developers, second changing security concerns and the third is changing hardware support.