Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Friendly Moves SEO on Google

According to Google they will now be looking to how “mobile friendly” your site is to determine your ranking in search. This is a very big departure from other search ranking changes. Denver DataMan will post more information on this topic as it comes available.

Why Do I Care About Mobile Marketing?

Everyone we talk to these days is talking about Mobile! Mobile this and mobile that. In this article we are going to lay out some of the popular mobile technologies and lay the groundwork for a generic argument for the inclusion of mobile in a marketingstrategy.

Tracking Mobile

As marketers we love the Internet because we can track and quantify almost everything. In an article I wrote, Numbers Count, I discussed the importance and value of analytics. But to sum it up, you should be able to tell how many people are using your website and what they are doing with it to better optimize it for your users.