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Mobile Friendly Moves SEO on Google

According to Google they will now be looking to how “mobile friendly” your site is to determine your ranking in search. This is a very big departure from other search ranking changes. Denver DataMan will post more information on this topic as it comes available.

Tech Predictions for 2012

As we enter a new year it’s easy to look back and wonder about what we could have done better or differently, but it is a lot more fun to guess about what is coming in the year to come.New Year Clock The following are some predictions about the computer industry and how it will affect businesses in the next year. Please read this with the same attitude of fun I am using to write it.

Reading QR Codes

QR Code ExampleYou may be seeing QR codes in many places from people's cards to ads to the Denver Airport. Each of these QR codes is a link to more information. For example, the one on the right here goes to this article.

In most cases QR codes are read from mobile phones. To do this you need an app. This article looks at several apps various phones that you may want to consider. 

4 Ways For Small Businesses To Check-In To Customers' Engagement

Location-based check-in services are increasing in popularity. Foursquare who recently hit their 10foursquare logo million users benchmark, and SCVNGR (created by Google) integrated a gaming element into their service where people earn badges and mayorships.