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Drupal 7.32 critical update: Denver DataMan Response

If you are using Drupal 7, it is vital that you are aware of the latest security update released. Any website running Drupal 7, prior to the .32 release is at serious risk. You might think, my site is small it will not be hacked, unfortunately, however the attack is being completed by an automated tool so all Drupal sites are at risk. The only option is to patch/upgrade your site to the .32 version or higher (when released) of Drupal.

Importing RedHen Organizations Using the RedHen Feeds Module

 These are instruction for importing Organizations into RedHen using Feeds and RedHen Feeds modules.  For this we will use a CSV file that we upload.  This same process should work for contacts. 

1.      Download Feeds an RedHen Feeds

Resources for Getting Started with Drupal

 The following are resources that I use or have used for getting better knowledge about Drupal and some places on the Drupal website that are worth reading.  

Using Drupal Display Suite to Show Related Content from Another Node

On a site that was already using Display Suite I was asked to include the picture of an author for an article on the content of the article. The article has an entity reference field for the authors information.

In this case both of the entities were nodes but there would be no reason why the second entity could not be a user or a Profile2 entity for example.

Here are the steps that I followed.

Node Types

Content Strategies with Drupal Resources

These are the notes from the Content Management with Drupal sessions presented at T4T on 3/15/2013.

Resources for Getting Started with Drupal - an Update

Notes from T4T Drupal Training 11-6-2012

The following are the resources we discussed and modules we review in the T4T Drupal session on 11-6-12.

What does the State of Drupal mean to Consumers?

Every 6 months, Dries Buytaert the founder of the Drupal web development platform presents a State of Drupal. This post is written to look at Dries’ presentation from a consumer point of view.