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Google+ For Business

Last week I started a general review of Google+ however this week I want to dive into the business aspects of Google+. The first thing to say is that as of right now business is persona non-grata on Google+. Do not attempt to use Google+ for business at this time.

Using Facebook Public Profiles as Yourself

By default Facebook has you post on your Public Profile with the name of your Public Profile. In the past this was the only option. You can now post as your personal account rather than your business.

While some may not want to do this others will want to extend their social presence by using their personal accounts. The efficacy of this is a topic for another post.

To switch the setting so that you can post as yourself do the following.

First Impressions of Google+

My first impression of Google + is that there are barriers to entry that may make adoption difficult. I say this knowing full well that Google is Google and that they will resolve these problems or that a community will just deal with them. The problem that is most evident right now is that Google Apps Users (like myself) cannot have accounts (so it appears from some articles) at this time and they deleted my Google Profile. I will be blogging more about this next week as Google as made more announcements about this.

Reading QR Codes

QR Code ExampleYou may be seeing QR codes in many places from people's cards to ads to the Denver Airport. Each of these QR codes is a link to more information. For example, the one on the right here goes to this article.

In most cases QR codes are read from mobile phones. To do this you need an app. This article looks at several apps various phones that you may want to consider. 

Why Do I Care About Mobile Marketing?

Everyone we talk to these days is talking about Mobile! Mobile this and mobile that. In this article we are going to lay out some of the popular mobile technologies and lay the groundwork for a generic argument for the inclusion of mobile in a marketingstrategy.