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The feature I want

So I was driving in the car this morning listening to a Podcast with no safe way to write down a URL or name of something that I want and I realized that my Ipod or another MP3 device needs a way to do bookmarking. I should be able to press a button and put a bookmark on a podcast, audio book or even a song and then go back to those later on the device and on my PC. This would be very easy, now how do I tell Mac?

World Community Grid Update

AnvSoft Web Album Maker

I just found AnvSoft Web Album Maker and I am very impressed. The application helps even novice users generate very nice look photo albums. The product is 100% free and even has a free upload utility to share you albums from there site. I did not use the free upload utility but I did make an album of pictures for a client and it worked very well. I have made a few examples from pictures I have taken while living in Colorado.

Some Thoughts on Microsoft Office 2007

As a software trainer it it is important for me to keep up with new software that my clients will be using. Though, I am not recommending updating to Microsoft Office 2007 yet, for most people, some of my clients have so I have as well. Actually, I have Office 2003 and 2007 on my laptop and they don't get along that well. All that aside here are some of my good and bad feelings about Office 2007.

Denver DataMan Enters The Blogosphere

Does everyone have a blog? I am not sure but many have suggested that a Denver DataMan blog will give me an opportunity to share my thoughts on issues facing the tech world. I have lots of thoughts and I hope that you will enjoy reading them. How often will I write on this blog? We will see, I hope to write on the blog often but we will see how this grows. If you have an issue that you think that I should blog on then email me at and I will see what I can do.