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Resources for Getting Started with Drupal - an Update

Notes from T4T Drupal Training 11-6-2012

The following are the resources we discussed and modules we review in the T4T Drupal session on 11-6-12.

Steve Kessler Posts: Now You See It - This Book Will Change the Way You See It On Examiner

Cover of Now You See ItCheck out Steve's Post Now You See It - This Book Will Change the Way You See It for a look at this book that will change the way you understand attention.

Tech Predictions for 2012

As we enter a new year it’s easy to look back and wonder about what we could have done better or differently, but it is a lot more fun to guess about what is coming in the year to come.New Year Clock The following are some predictions about the computer industry and how it will affect businesses in the next year. Please read this with the same attitude of fun I am using to write it.

Becoming Less Reliant on the USPS as a Business Strategy

As the United States Postal Service (USPS) goes to Congress and asks for support to survive business owners need to be looking at ways to become less reliant on the USPS. Chances are ,the USPS will not close; however, if we lower our reliance on the USPS we must be ready for slower mail, reductions in service and increased costs.