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Running SpinRite USB

This post is a clarification of some other posts out there. Including GRC FAQ and Answers.Microsoft . I had trouble with the links they had and there are a few clarifications to make.
  1. Buy SpinRite
  2. Download the EXE file.

Critical CiviCRM Security Issue

If you are running any version of CiviCRM other than 4.2.12, 4.3.7, 4.4.beta4 than your at a serious security risk. The CiviCRM team classifies the issue as Highly Critical

Denver DataMan is available to help with any upgrade or patching needs. Contact Us for more information.

For more information see CIVI-SA-2013-009 - SQL Injection Vulnerability.

Resolving CiviCRM Email Issues With Bluehost

CiviCRM like many other web applications need to be able to send mail. Some web hosts like Bluehost block connecting to an SMTP server in order to be able to help prevent SPAMing. This is a problem but after several tickets with Bluehost I came up with a solution.

Using Drupal Display Suite to Show Related Content from Another Node

On a site that was already using Display Suite I was asked to include the picture of an author for an article on the content of the article. The article has an entity reference field for the authors information.

In this case both of the entities were nodes but there would be no reason why the second entity could not be a user or a Profile2 entity for example.

Here are the steps that I followed.

Node Types