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Drupal 7.32 critical update: Denver DataMan Response

If you are using Drupal 7, it is vital that you are aware of the latest security update released. Any website running Drupal 7, prior to the .32 release is at serious risk. You might think, my site is small it will not be hacked, unfortunately, however the attack is being completed by an automated tool so all Drupal sites are at risk. The only option is to patch/upgrade your site to the .32 version or higher (when released) of Drupal.

Importing RedHen Organizations Using the RedHen Feeds Module

 These are instruction for importing Organizations into RedHen using Feeds and RedHen Feeds modules.  For this we will use a CSV file that we upload.  This same process should work for contacts. 

1.      Download Feeds an RedHen Feeds

Resources for Getting Started with Drupal

 The following are resources that I use or have used for getting better knowledge about Drupal and some places on the Drupal website that are worth reading.  

Resources for Navigating Drupal Upgrades: Versions 6 Through 8 And What It Means - Resources

You can view see the presentation slides on Slide Share and also download the prepared resources document.


The folowing are Drupal Modules we discussed: 

What to Do if Windows 8 Won't Complete Upgrade on Windows 8 Tablet or Suffice

On a Windows 8 tablet you can get stuck with a Windows 8 update. These steps can work.
  1. Switch your tablet account to a local account. You will change it back when you are done.
  2. From the desktop open Internet Explorer.
  3. Type MS-Windows-Store:WindowsUpgrade as the URL.