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Importing RedHen Organizations Using the RedHen Feeds Module

 These are instruction for importing Organizations into RedHen using Feeds and RedHen Feeds modules.  For this we will use a CSV file that we upload.  This same process should work for contacts. 

1.      Download Feeds an RedHen Feeds

Resources for Getting Started with Drupal

 The following are resources that I use or have used for getting better knowledge about Drupal and some places on the Drupal website that are worth reading.  

Resources for Navigating Drupal Upgrades: Versions 6 Through 8 And What It Means - Resources

You can view see the presentation slides on Slide Share and also download the prepared resources document.


The folowing are Drupal Modules we discussed: 

What to Do if Windows 8 Won't Complete Upgrade on Windows 8 Tablet or Suffice

On a Windows 8 tablet you can get stuck with a Windows 8 update. These steps can work.
  1. Switch your tablet account to a local account. You will change it back when you are done.
  2. From the desktop open Internet Explorer.
  3. Type MS-Windows-Store:WindowsUpgrade as the URL.

Running SpinRite USB

This post is a clarification of some other posts out there. Including GRC FAQ and Answers.Microsoft . I had trouble with the links they had and there are a few clarifications to make.
  1. Buy SpinRite
  2. Download the EXE file.