Importing RedHen Organizations Using the RedHen Feeds Module

 These are instruction for importing Organizations into RedHen using Feeds and RedHen Feeds modules.  For this we will use a CSV file that we upload.  This same process should work for contacts. 

1.      Download Feeds an RedHen Feeds

2.      Install Feeds and RedHen Feeds by placing in the sites/all/modules folder and then enabling using the Modules page. 

3.      Go to Structure -> Feeds Importers -> Add Importer

4.      Give your feed a name and description

5.      Next to Fetcher click change

a.      Click  File upload

b.      Click Save

6.      Next to Parser click change

a.      Click CSV

b.      Click Save

7.      Next to Processor click change

a.      Select RedHen Organization Processor

b.      Click Save

8.      In the box that now says RedHen click Settings

a.      Select the Bundle  (organization type) that you wish to use

b.      Select your other settings

c.      Click Save

9.      In the same box click mapping

a.      Enter the name of your field(s) and select the RedHen field to match

b.      Click Save

10.   From the Navigation Menu click Import

11.   Click the name of your job you created

12.   Upload the file you wish to import

13.   Click Import